Inbox! Mermaid 2-weeks temp tattoo

After few weeks of hectic works and essays, I finally get the time to check this out. It was delivered to me quite a few days ago but I just couldn't find any time to try it. FINALLY!

It is a 2-weeks temporary tattoo from Inkbox. This temporary tattoo will sit on your skin for around 2-3 weeks, depends on your skin condition and regeneration time, and it claims that the ink is safe for the skin and it is some traditional tribal formula. 

Personally, I like tattoos and I have tattoos on my back already, some people may not like tattoos, so if you are against having tattoos, this post may not be suitable for you.

This 2 weeks temporary tattoo is perfect for people who want to have tattoo but are afraid of dealing with the pain of having on, it said to look like a real tattoo on your skin.  For myself, I just want to try this out on the body parts that I think I will get real tattoos in the future, and I always want to have mermaid tattoo. It is better to be sure before having a real one!


Sugar and spice and all things nice

What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice and all thing nice,
That's what little girls are made of.

I always love using organic soap than the synthetic mass-produced shower gel you can get from supermarkets. The last time I was in Belle De Jour, the florist in Clifton, there was a special fragrance that caught my attention immediately. It was more intense than the floral aroma in that little shop, and I followed that unique scent to a small glass cabinet, in which I saw lots of Nesti Dante soaps. When you opened the door of the cabinet, the fragrance multiplied but not too showy. 

I have bought these fabulous beauty products from Fragrance Direct. The three soaps are from Nesti Dante; 
The pink soap is Florentine Rose and Peony;
The purple soap is Wisteria and Lilac;
The yellow soap is Royal Lily and Narcissus.
The others are bath bombs and lips balm from Rose & Co. 

 I have tried the Rose and Peony soap for a couple of weeks now and I don't find it too dry after using it in my shower. The soap itself smells lovely already, and it is quite a large soap, I think it can last me at least two months or more. It has "made with love and care by Nesti Dante Florence Italy" engraved on one side of the soap. 

This rose and peony soap gives me a slightly rosy floral scent from the shower, but absolutely not strong enough to be ostentatious. There is a hint of roses, like the delicate petals, subtle and humble, which I adore it so much. I am not a fan of strong fragranced soap that you can only smell of your own synthetic floral scent after the shower. In nature, floral aroma is subtle and harmonic, not bold enough to overpower everything. 

You can find out more about the soap on Nesti Dante product catalogue or just go on Fragrance Direct on Nesti Dante to have a look on lots of soaps they do. 


Lacy Peek-a-boo

Shirts, or white shirts, are always essential in my wardrobe. When I cannot think of anything to wear or am running late, I would just put on a simple shirt, pairing with either trousers or skirts, easy and effortless.

However, sometimes it may appear to be a tad too plain and without any character to wear a stark white shirt only. To spice the normal everyday shirts up, I love to wear some lush and feminine lacy lingerie underneath the ordinary shirts, with the laces and trims peeking out from the half-unbuttoned collar, giving a sexy but chic look.




Blobfish is the world ugliest animal but in an incredibly adorable way. Their gelatinous bodies have no muscle, which help them to float on the sea floor in a leisure laziness! The constant frown got me immediately when I first saw it and I could not help but fell in love with this miserable cutie.



Velvet Red Lips

Who doesn't love red lips? Red is truly ladies' best friend. I love scarlet dress, or a pair of blood red heels, even oxblood nail polish is my favourite. No matter you have super pale skin, olive skin or darker shade, red will never go wrong. Red makes me feel sexy and alluring, like a dangerous flame that seductively catching all the attentions. 


Vibrant Colours of flowers

I love buying individual stems of flowers and arrange them as I like. Local florists definitely fulfil my needs! To be honest, I have bought flowers from M&S or even Tesco before, just for a quick decoration, but I prefer supporting local florists or shops, and there are always more varied choices of flowers in local florists, which tell you the change of seasons. 



Experiment on growing forget-me-not

Jolie Dodsworth Grow Your Own Seed Pot - Forget Me Not

I always love gardening, but my gardening skill apparently is not good enough. My previous plants have all died because of different reasons (mainly because of the lack of sunlight... but it is England, of course it would be lack of sunlight).

I was wandering in Waterstone as usual, and found this little grow-you-own-plant flower pot. It comes in a ceramic pot with lovely colourful pattern, a bag of soil, a bag of seed and the instruction. 

According to the instruction, it seems easy to grow this pot plant, just simply pour all the soil into the pot, water it until it is moist, but make sure the water can reach the bottom of the pot. Then plant the seeds evenly on the surface, cover it with soil, and... It is done!

This little pot plant is placed next to my books and pens on the living room coffee table now, and I hope it will grow strong and lovely with my care! I do love some beautiful cute forget-me-not flowers. 

They have some other wonderful pot plants and homewares! I would like to try some lavender next time, but Nick told me wasps and bees are attracted by lavender, maybe I would get something else. A cute mug with different pattern would be nice as well, it would certainly be a good gift. 


Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

When speaking of Jane Austen, it is not surprising to hear people shouting out Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility, but how about Northanger Abbey? In my opinion, it is absolutely underrated. 

Northanger Abbey was originally named as Susan, and it was the first of Jane Austen's completed novels for publishing. It was published posthumously in 1818 (or December 1817). Northanger Abbey is a very warm-hearted story, I find it an absolutely youthful and light read. One can find the clues of Austen's later and maturer novels, such as Pride and Prejudice, especially how the heroines (in Northanger Abbey, the heroine is Catherine Morland) transform and grow throughout the stories, since self-knowledge and growth are always big topics in Austen's works.
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