Experiment on growing forget-me-not

Jolie Dodsworth Grow Your Own Seed Pot - Forget Me Not

I always love gardening, but my gardening skill apparently is not good enough. My previous plants have all died because of different reasons (mainly because of the lack of sunlight... but it is England, of course it would be lack of sunlight).

I was wandering in Waterstone as usual, and found this little grow-you-own-plant flower pot. It comes in a ceramic pot with lovely colourful pattern, a bag of soil, a bag of seed and the instruction. 

According to the instruction, it seems easy to grow this pot plant, just simply pour all the soil into the pot, water it until it is moist, but make sure the water can reach the bottom of the pot. Then plant the seeds evenly on the surface, cover it with soil, and... It is done!

This little pot plant is placed next to my books and pens on the living room coffee table now, and I hope it will grow strong and lovely with my care! I do love some beautiful cute forget-me-not flowers. 

They have some other wonderful pot plants and homewares! I would like to try some lavender next time, but Nick told me wasps and bees are attracted by lavender, maybe I would get something else. A cute mug with different pattern would be nice as well, it would certainly be a good gift. 

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