Hi, this is Fiona. I have moved to the wonderfully energetic and lively Bristol from the dazzling but populated cosmopolis of Hong Kong. I certainly enjoy the chic and relaxing lifestyle of Bristol, and spend my time exploring this magnificent South-Western English city.

 I am a simple amalgamation of tiny flowers, cute ribbon bows, books and arts, and basically in love with any cute or elegant stuff. My dream is to open my own bookstore with cozy book nooks and warm tea, selling all my favourite books and spreading love for books. 

Anoif is simply my name spelling backwards, and is a mixture of flowers, books, fashion, photography, daily (but usual) spices of my life and things between and beyond...

A little history about me...

I come from Hong Kong, a restless, populated and dynamic city in the Far East. I was a fashion design student, dreamt of being a proper designer someday, but eventually I found out my other passions in books and writing, thus I made my decision to quit my stressful designer job and moved to Bristol to persuade my dream when the iron was still hot. 

Currently studying Comparative Literature and Cultures in University of Bristol and working in local sustainability recycling company at the same time, life is absolutely substantial and days are always packed with events and things to do. 

Why do I start this blog...

"But I MUST say what I feel and think in some way - it is such a relief! But the effort is getting to be greater than the relief."
- Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Yellow Wallpaper 

With my life being quite occupied by work and study, I want to do something beyond those, especially recording my own thoughts in different aspects other than the default framework in work or school. This is my sanctuary to seek the difference and freedom from my hectic life.
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