Velvet Red Lips

Who doesn't love red lips? Red is truly ladies' best friend. I love scarlet dress, or a pair of blood red heels, even oxblood nail polish is my favourite. No matter you have super pale skin, olive skin or darker shade, red will never go wrong. Red makes me feel sexy and alluring, like a dangerous flame that seductively catching all the attentions. 

I was wandering in SPACE.NK.apothecary and actually didn't plan to buy a red lipstick (I was only looking for a new foundation since my skin condition changed dramatically). The weather was nice and the sun was out, then suddenly an image of true red lips just popped up in my mind. I asked the friendly staff which true red lipstick she would recommend, since she recommended an absolutely wonderful highlighter the last time I shopped there! She handed me this little tube of velvet liquid lipstick to me and asked me to try it on. Boom! I fell in love immediately! It gave my simple makeup A HUGE UPGRADE! 

This is the Terrbly Velvet Rouge (I see what you have done there haha) liquid lipstick by By Terry in the colour 9 My Red. 

It has a funny-shaped applicator, which makes it easier to create shapes (like more curvy and heart-shaped lips). The description on the website said that the applicator is supposed to be helpful when you want to enhance the contours of your lips, and I still have no idea how. This Velvet Rouge liquid lipstick gives you a matte and satin-like finish, but it is not kiss-proof, it transfers almost everywhere and leaves a bright and clear lips stain on Nick's cheek. I don't mind red lips making everywhere or everything red, actually, I secretly like that. I am such a weirdo.

There are lots of girls who would hesitate when it comes to bold red lips, they think that wearing red lips is too much to be casual and you need to dress up to wear such redness. I personally prefer dressing down when I wear red lips. With minimal makeup (which is my daily makeup though), I will tend to go for a pair of jeans and causal tops with a tiny kitten heels, usually there would not be any loud pattern or pronounced vibrant colours, just subtle and humble colours, to create the no-effort look but with eye-catching red lips. Remember, your red lips should be the protagonist, so don't let any others to steal the spotlight!



  1. Anonymous17:54

    Hi! I love your blog!! The lip colour is great on you. Could you maybe to a make up tutorial or outfit video?

    1. I would definitely love it, tho I am not that good in makeup :)
      I am planning to do some outfit ideas blogging soon!


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