Blobfish is the world ugliest animal but in an incredibly adorable way. Their gelatinous bodies have no muscle, which help them to float on the sea floor in a leisure laziness! The constant frown got me immediately when I first saw it and I could not help but fell in love with this miserable cutie.

On a random day, I came across with the website called Firebox selling lots of cool and funky stuff, including Blobfish soft toy. Nick got me a small one (even though he claimed that he bought the huge one instead) for my christmas present, it was most certainly the ugliest and cutest gift ever. I think I cuddle Bobby the Blobfish more than Nick sometimes. I like Bobby, but I still want a bigger and more cuddly Blobfish...

Here it is!

Meet Nobby the Blobfish! Look at how big it is comparing with Bobby. They both look miserable and adorable.

I really cannot resist such sadness! Scientists said that it is an absurd cuteness or cuteness response that make us liking these ugly animal. I have not a single clue about biology but I do know it is true, I find this ugliness ultimately adorable! 

Next, I wanna get these Blobfish Slippers and annoy the heck out of Nick. 

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