Lacy Peek-a-boo

Shirts, or white shirts, are always essential in my wardrobe. When I cannot think of anything to wear or am running late, I would just put on a simple shirt, pairing with either trousers or skirts, easy and effortless.

However, sometimes it may appear to be a tad too plain and without any character to wear a stark white shirt only. To spice the normal everyday shirts up, I love to wear some lush and feminine lacy lingerie underneath the ordinary shirts, with the laces and trims peeking out from the half-unbuttoned collar, giving a sexy but chic look.

A combination of a white shirt or a light blue shirt with bell sleeve (from Miss Selfridge) and a nude/black lacy triangle bra is definitely decent enough for work, but surely not featureless. This goes really well with either trousers, jeans or skirts, depending on what occasions you are in.

I normally would have a pair of jeans if I am going for a causal look for the weekend, or a wide leg trousers if I am going back to work. 

The nude and black colour combination is always the easiest for mix and match, it can pair up with different colours of shirt, from light to dark. Personally, I prefer triangle bra without any pad or underwire, the freedom it given is incredible. Sometimes I would choose to wear non-pad bra with underwire, it creates a firmer shape and gives a bit of a push up. 

This time I have even chosen a dark colour bra in vibrant lace with moulded cup and underwire. It gives me a nice push up, though not over dramatic like most of the Japanese bras I have had before, they are known for the absolutely thick pad. I love how the red lace showing through a sheer shirt or peeking through the opening of the shirt, it gives a different kind of playfulness than the standard nude and black ones. 

If you ever wonder where I got these from...

Light blue shirt with bell sleeves and bow from Miss Selfridge
Black Tropical Fizz Blunge Bra with red lace from Ann Summers
Black Tropical Fizz Red Lace Thong from Ann Summers
Brea Underwire Nude Black Bra with bow from Ann Summers
Brea Nude Black Thong with bow from Ann Summers
Singapore Sling Soft Nude Black lace soft bra from Ann Summers
Singapore Sling Midi Brief from Ann Summers

This is only one of the many methods I spice up my normal day ordinary white shirt, I may write more about the other methods in the future!

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