Vibrant Colours of flowers

I love buying individual stems of flowers and arrange them as I like. Local florists definitely fulfil my needs! To be honest, I have bought flowers from M&S or even Tesco before, just for a quick decoration, but I prefer supporting local florists or shops, and there are always more varied choices of flowers in local florists, which tell you the change of seasons. 

Belle de Jour Florist, a local little florist shop in the classy Clifton village, is located next to Cote Restaurant. With the tiny entrance, it will get quite packed if three persons get into it at the same time. They have flowers all over both sides of the shop, entrance and the back, with different vivid colours and subtle fragrance, it is humble and sweet.  

I have chosen some leftover roses from the Mother's Day, and the staff kindly reminded me that those roses would soon wilt because they were supposed to be sold on Mother's Day with them blooming at their peaks. I don't mind it at all! I may make some dry flowers out of them when they are slowly wilting. 

I always tend to love some pastel coloured flowers, and, of course, tiny wild flowers such as baby's breath. Those light coloured flowers look so delicate but they can seem a bit dull sometimes. A bright red rose and gorgeous sunflower are chosen to make the whole bouquet POP. 

I love this subtle pinkish colour, not too bright but definitely cute. If I can paint my room in one colour, this would be the colour I would have chosen.

It is always nice to have one flower that stands out and be the major vibrant colour. I personally won't choose a whole bouquet of red roses, which I find a bit too ostentatious and banal. One is enough.

If you want to find this lovely cozy florist shop, it is located in The Mall, Clifton, next to Cote Restaurant, which is hard to be missed.


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