Inbox! Mermaid 2-weeks temp tattoo

After few weeks of hectic works and essays, I finally get the time to check this out. It was delivered to me quite a few days ago but I just couldn't find any time to try it. FINALLY!

It is a 2-weeks temporary tattoo from Inkbox. This temporary tattoo will sit on your skin for around 2-3 weeks, depends on your skin condition and regeneration time, and it claims that the ink is safe for the skin and it is some traditional tribal formula. 

Personally, I like tattoos and I have tattoos on my back already, some people may not like tattoos, so if you are against having tattoos, this post may not be suitable for you.

This 2 weeks temporary tattoo is perfect for people who want to have tattoo but are afraid of dealing with the pain of having on, it said to look like a real tattoo on your skin.  For myself, I just want to try this out on the body parts that I think I will get real tattoos in the future, and I always want to have mermaid tattoo. It is better to be sure before having a real one!

The kit comes with lots of stuff: the tattoo itself, a black glove, an alcohol wipe, a cloth and instruction. I had watched some youtube videos and the instruction video on their website, and believe me, I still had no idea what I was doing at first.

1) Stick the tattoo on the skin. Anywhere you like. I chose my left wrist for easy application. 
To be honest, the tattoo pad is thicker than I thought.

2) Put on your cloth because thing is going to get real!

3) Heat up the cloth in the microwave for around 15 second.

4) Wipe the blue area of the tattoo pad with the small alcohol wipe. Just the BLUE area, not the edge or your skin!

5) Fold the heated cloth in square (fold twice), then press on your tattoo pad REAL HARD for 30 seconds. Then press FIRMLY and EVENLY for 15 minutes. Don't switch or move the cloth, there may be bleeding if you do so. (I did move the cloth a bit because my hand got tired, but it was alright)

This is what it looks like after peel off the tattoo pad slowly and let dry then gently wash with soap and water. The colour is absolutely faded and light, but it will gradually get darker in 24 to 36 hours!

My temporary tattoo after 20 hours! The colour turns into deep bluish black, and it does look like a real tattoo. It is funny to see the colour getting deeper and deeper over time. I can say that I like this! 

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